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Research in Progress: Guidelines for Bus Transit Stops in Highway Construction Work Zones

Posted ago by zavacki

Research Objectives The objective of this study is to develop guidelines/recommendations and estimated costs for managing transit stops during adjacent highway construction operations with a focus on safety and the customers. This guidance will serve as a planning tool, design …

CUTR Webcast: Improving Bus Transit Safety through Rewards and Discipline

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This webcast provides an overview of the recently completed Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 97 report Improving Bus Transit Safety Through Rewards and Discipline – A Synthesis of Transit Practice. The webcast presentation addresses current practices and experiences of …

Clean Sober and Safe Training Video

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This online video presentation begins by describing what led to the institution of regulatory requirements for drug and alcohol testing in mass transit.  The viewer is educated on the detrimental effects that the five prohibited drugs and alcohol can have …