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Drivers’ Lane-Changing Behavior at Bus Stops on Three Lane Roadways

Posted ago by zavacki

Drivers’ lane changing violations at a curbside bus stop on an undivided three-lane roadway were investigated. Logit models were developed to determine contributing factors to the violations. Bicycle lane presence, low opposing traffic volume and longer bus dwell time at …

Behavioral Characteristics of Pedestrian Flow on Stairway at Railway Station

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India has witnessed higher level of mobility at urban as well as intercity segments due to improvement of socio-economic conditions in last two decades. Even though, majority of the intercity travel is made by road based modes, number of passengers …

Reducing the Risk of Suicide or Trespass on Railways: Developing Better Interventions through Understanding Behaviors of People

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Suicide and trespass are major problems for railway operators in Great Britain, leading to around 250–300 fatalities per year, as well as associated major disruption to the rail network. The European Union project RESTRAIL (REduction of Suicides and Trespasses on …