About us

The Center for Urban Transportation Research established the National Transit Safety Research and Assistance Center as a comprehensive transit safety resource for the public transportation industry The Center employs a number of methods to successfully provide resources to public transportation providers, local and state governments, the private sector, and other transit stakeholders to improve public transportation safety in the United States. The focus areas include operational and vehicle related safety topics, human factors, and substance abuse management. Technical assistance and training aspects are structured to provide ample support to transit agencies that are transitioning to a Safety Management Systems approach to safety as well as those agencies responding to MAP-21 and corresponding regulations, guidelines, and other directives issued by the Federal Transit Administration.  The site also serves as a point of information exchange and public notice for the activities of CUTR’s National Transit Standards Working Group.

We hope this Center will become a trusted primary source for the tools and resources that will help you implement and maintain your transit safety programs.

Working Group Meetings

The following Working Group meetings have been conducted. You can view the agendas and presentations for each of the following meetings listed below.

Working Group Partners


Working Group Members


Left to Right: Ron Nickle, MBTA; Stephen Wilk, TTCI; Charles Dickson, CTAA; Rick Gerhart, FTA; Edward Watt, ATU; Mike Coplen, FTA; Terrell Williams, FTA; Rich Czeck, GCRTA; Lisa Staes, CUTR; Ruben Peña, TTCI; Jennifer Flynn, CUTR; Enrico Sciandra, TTCI; Scott Sauer, SEPTA; Jodi Godfrey, CUTR; Dennis Hinebaugh, CUTR; James Dougherty, K & J Consulting Services, Inc.; Kurt Wilkinson, TriMet; Vijay Khawani, LA Metro; Rino Saliceto, CUTR; Will Jones, Greely-Evans Transit; Nicholas Wilson, TTCI; Jeffrey Hiott, APTA; Sisinnio Concas, CUTR; James Tucci, K & J Consulting Services, Inc.; Brian Alberts, APTA; MaryClara Jones, TTCI; Larry Baker, KCATA; Jim Bartell, FTA; Susan Hausmann, TxDOT; and Anna Rakoczy, TTCI

Not shown: Paul Goyette, LeeTran; and Ni Lee, BART