Transit IDEA Project 68: Light Rail Transit / Street Grade Crossing Safety System

SIL4 Systems Inc. was engaged in a Transit IDEA project 68 to develop and test an intelligent Light Rail Transit / Street Grade Safety System that can be used by Light Rail Transit Systems. The concept investigated and being developed in this project is active, adaptive, alert, and improves recording of crossing incidents for the approaching Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) its operator and the pedestrian, motorist, and/or worker at the crossing. An outline of the system features and impacts are listed here:

+ Active System – Alerts OperatorImproved alertness/response time of operator
+ Active System – Alerts Trespasser/workerImproved alertness/response t of person at risk
+ Improved alertness/response timeActively alerts operator and pedestrian/motorist
+ Active System – Applies BrakesActively alerts operator then applies brakes
+ Adaptive – works only when train approachesAvoids false triggers
+ Comprehensive RecordRecords events on the train and in the crossing.
+ Adaptable / PortableCan be set-up in temporary work areas.

This is the Final Report documenting the results of this project. It includes the results of all stages of this project.

The project has been performed in three contingent stages. Stage 1 was the survey and analysis of the solutions features and components and was completed in December 2012. Stage 2 focused on the system development, component procurement, development and refinement and was completed in April of 2013. Stage 3 has been focused on final packaging and compone nt and system testing, and then ultimately a field test; a draft final report and the final report in Stage 3. View Report

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